Lesson 9: Colours in melanau mukah (warna dalam bahasa melanau mukah)

Colour has been investigated and used for more than 2000 years. Throughout history, different civilizations have experimented and learned more about colour. We are still learning today about how colour affects us and its importance in our lives.

Canon 550d - Pencil Colour

Now is the time to remember pencil colours and maybe get them out again.

Red- Seak
Healthy Red Tomatoes with Water Drops

Yellow- Kunieang
yellow pepper

Blue- Biruk

Green- Gadueang
Green Apples

Hitam- Bilem
Black Widow Spider (B&W)

Orange- Kunieng oren
Oranges ^_^

White- Apuk
White Squirrel

Pink- Kalaih
Pink Tulips

Purple- Ingkodok
Purple Koosh

Brown- Pirang
chocolate mocha


Anonymous said...

Purple should be mekodok, not ingkodok.

Learn Melanau said...

Thanks for the info. I got the word Ingkodok from my grandmother who comes form tutus hilir in mukah. I think mekodok maybe another word from other variant of melanau mukah :). Some village do have different variant of the same word eg. we say ganjil (lazy) but those from telian will say gajil instead :) From which dialek and village use the word mekodok?

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